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          David Uzochukwu for 6ft zine

          6ft zine aspires to uplift and unite under lockdown

          Theo White’s new limited-edition art publication is brought to life by contributions from Edward Enninful, Campbell Addy, Liz Johnson Artur and Martin Parr, plus cover art by Ibrahim Kamara

          For many creatives, the national lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic have been a time of intense restlessness, pushing visual artists to get their creative fix in novel and often challenging ways.

          Among them is artist and publisher Theo White, whose new, limited-edition art zine 6ft – a name derived from social distancing guidelines – is the fruit of his drive to create from within the isolated depths of lockdown. Published in a run of 500 copies, the zine is raising funds for the UKQTIBIPOC Emergency Relief & Hardship Fund.



          该杂志中心加纳模型渥太华kwami拍摄的图像由设计师和i-d的高级时装特约编辑,易卜拉欣·卡马拉在封面上。 kwami的肖像是由杂志的标题与影射了社会隔离要求箭头图形相交的多彩演绎包围。

          “有趣的故事,我已经建立了这个形象在我脑海中的盖几个星期以来,我们做了拍摄,它只是没有工作如何我想象的,”怀特说。 “IB是我的好朋友,他已经开始了自己的摄影工作锁定在第一次尝试,所以我传递消息他* SOS *,他送这个形象,我马上就知道这是封面,因为它只是散发着黑魔法“。

          The zine features an extensive range of contributors, such as photographers Martin Parr, Campbell Addy, Tim Walker, Liz Johnson Artur, Adama Jalloh and Ruth Ossai. Also featured are works by British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful (and his dog Ru), artist Matthew Stone and Andrew Thomas Huang, who has directed music videos for the likes of Björk and FKA twigs.

          Matthew Stone for 6ft zine
          Top: Spring Fever, 2020 by David Uzochukwu. Here: You are not alone, 2020 by Matthew Stone

          Alongside the wealth of artworks in 6ft are a handful of written features, including a conversation between Kamara and poet James Massiah. Elsewhere is a discussion between Campbell Addy and artist Ajamu, as well as poet, writer and activist Kai-Isaiah Jamal in conversation with DJ, producer and nightlife icon Ms. Carrie Stacks. There is also a section called Gifted + Black, a series of quickfire Q&As with figures from across the creative landscape reflecting on their experiences of lockdown.

          “起初,我伸手给朋友和艺术家的作品我很佩服和项目那种只是从那里长大,”白说。 “我为我想要的贡献是有机的,所有这些惊人的艺术家的声音混搭撞在了一起,并在页面中团结没有发过一个简短或主题。 6英尺代表来自各民族,性行为和背景的艺术家们一个巨大的,集体的力量“。

          Jordan Hemingway

          整个利差作品的混音是由多彩,拼贴编辑设计制作更加不敬。白色的平面设计师卫的设计,这需要从线索像安迪·沃霍尔,哈林和杰夫·昆斯,以及90年代的杂志美学艺术家之前和萨拉wickings密切合作,他解释说。 “从一开始走,我知道我想要的出版物是生机勃勃,充满色彩和生活。我想每个页面和艺术家有自己的时刻,和谐闪耀。”

          这个问题用还是从巴黎在燃烧,珍妮利文斯顿的标志性纪录片钻研20世纪80年代纽约的舞厅场景打开。图像是各种各样的宣言,而不是说,只有对个人的影响巴黎在燃烧对白色长大,但在今天的世界意义。 “在1990年提出,该片解决复杂的问题相关的包括今天类仍然是;种族和种族主义;财富,性别取向和审美标准,”他说。

          Daniel Sannwald for 6ft zine
          Untitled (Dragon), 2020 by Daniel Sannwald

          “Growing up there were no queer references for me to relate to, so a film like Paris is Burning was very informative and monumental for me. Watching the film was really the first time I had seen Black queer people represented in all their light and freedom,” White reflects.

          “I wanted to pay homage and my respects to all the iconic Black queens that have come before me and paved the way for us to be here today. I often think about the cast and what their lives would be like if they were alive today and the lasting impact they have left on the world.”

          Theo White
          Do Not Destroy, 2020 by Theo White


          “As a Black gay man, I’ve always felt that there is a lack of real representation of Black queer life in the mainstream media. I feel things are slowly improving with more visibility and queer voices being amplified, but there is still much work to be done and that work starts within the community.”

          Adama Jalloh for 6ft Zine
          London, 2019 by Adama Jalloh
          Theo White for 6FT zine
          Kai-Isaiah Jamal, Do Not Destroy, 2019 by Theo White
          St Paul’s Carnival Elder at Malcolm X Centre, Bristol, 2019 by Martin Parr
          Jenkin van Zyl, London, 2018 by Tim Walker

          6ft is available to buy here; @6ftzine


          Milton Keynes

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