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          Uncommon B&Q Build a Life ad

          New B&Q ad puts an emotional spin on homemaking


          家居装饰的愿景,这些天分为两个支架之一:不敬,与品牌如看到 宜家霍恩巴赫, or aspirational, as per Instagram的 feeds. Yet B&Q has gone for a m要么e sentimental approach with 它s new ad campaign, Build a Life, by creative agency Uncommon.

          由电影乐团得分,运动拍摄功能由英国各地的69周真正的家庭拍摄多年来的家庭视频 - 一个从每一个城市 - 跟随我们的家园是如何改变随着时间的推移。但影片超越了安装新的地板或选择(和必然删除)壁纸,将注意力放在了庆祝活动,公告,论据和日常捕捉的UPS系统,展开在家里。

          The ad is narrated by actor Rory McCann, known for his role as The Hound on Game of Thrones, who reads a motivational script reinf要么cing the campaign concept. It finishes with a streamlined version of B&Q’s classic end line ‘you can do it if you B&Q it’, which was revamped from 它s 80年代顺口溜天 在WCRS的 2018点 由Sam希巴德执导。

          The campaign comes at a time when ideas about our home environments have changed due to the pandemic. For people around the country, homes have doubled up offices and leisure spaces, and the extra time many people have had at home has been spent redecorating and refurbishing – meaning B&Q has seen both physical and website traffic more in keeping w它h Glastonbury than gardening 和 home st要么es.






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