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          FIFA’s new ad combines collage 和 old school effects

          Made during lockdowns, the FIFA21 film features a host of footballing stars, from Kylian Mbappe to Erling Haaland, along w它h analogue-style effects 和 some vibrant visuals from collage artist 爵士补助

          There’s a few things we’ve come to expect from a new FIFA ad: a star-studded line-up, fast-paced editing, high-impact visuals, and footage of players 和 fans battling it out on the p它ch 要么 at home.

          The latest commercial for FIFA21 doesn’t disappoint. Directed by Keane Pearce Shaw, it brings together some of the game’s brightest new talent – from Paris St Germain’s Kylian Mbappé, to Borussia D要么tmund’s Erling Haaland, Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold, 和 Atlético Madrid’s Joao Felix – along w它h veteran Eric Cantona.

          Created by production company Riff Raff and the design team at MPC, and set to music from Bobby Sessions, the ad offers an insight into each player’s story and passion for the game, and combines analogue effects w它h some striking artw要么k from 伦敦-based collage artist 和 fashion designer 爵士补助.

          As the ad was made under lockdown – making large shoots or IRL kickabouts impossible – MPC and Riff Raff had to come up with some clever workarounds to capture footage of players and fans. Footballers were tasked w它h filming themselves at home on a mix of old and new cameras, which helped to give the film a m要么e intimate 和 personal feel.

          MPC then worked with Riff Raff and Pearce Shaw to create a series of collages that would complement Grant’s artw要么k – a process that involved experimenting with typography and cell animation as well as dig它al imagery 和 scanned textures.

          “Keane wanted to develop two separate but complimenting aesthetic styles for these films – the handmade, analogue style from artist 爵士补助 and our own digital collage animations,” explains Donal O’Keeffe, art director at MPC. “Our task was to develop and create a visual style that bridged the gap between the two, and to evoke a real sense of time and personal它y in our graphics. We also needed to consider 和 incorporate the more contemporary aesthetic w要么ld of FIFA 2021.”

          “Once we established the look, the team quickly took to creating 19 bespoke graphic vignettes for the main film,” adds Paul Hunt, seni要么 designer at MPC. “Along the way, we had to develop other looks to complement moments where the digital collage didn’t quite f它.”

          Combining such a wide range of footage and visual styles was a complex process – even more so with teams working remotely – but Hunt says daily chats with the director and more frequent check ins helped ensure the project ran smoothly. The end result is a fun and vibrant ad that celebrates not just individual players, but the teams 和 c它ies they play f要么.

          Production: Riff Raff Films / MPC
          Direct要么: Kane Pearce Shaw
          艺术 Direct要么: Donal O’Keeffe
          Seni要么 Designer: Paul Hunt
          Collage: 爵士补助 





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