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          As the designer launches her eponymous new agency &Walsh, she tells CR about designing her first website aged 11, dealing with the group of haters that come w它h being a well-known woman in design, 和 why you’re never too successful to rely on 走ogle f要么 answers

          For most of us, knowing what you want to do as a career by the time you hit your teens is hard enough, let alone actually kickstarting that career. The same can’t be said f要么 Jessica Walsh, who at the age of 11 was designing fully-fledged websites and logos. This was swiftly followed by a graphic design degree at the Rhode Island School of Design, internships at Apple and Pentagram under Paula Scher, 和 a job w它h Stefan Sagmeister that ultimately led to the creation of agency Sagmeister & Walsh.

          沃尔什已被证明是在设计界多年来分裂的人物。包括snapchat和节拍由德瑞和视觉冲击力,创新工作的声誉很高的知名度的客户名单为她赢得了无数的荣誉,但她愿意非常公开的表现出她脆弱的一面,她的社交媒体渠道,并与项目,如 约会40天 也吸引了仇敌。

          Seven years on from becoming Sagmeister’s partner, Walsh has just set up her own agency &Walsh, and in the process become one of the 0.1% of agencies founded, owned and run solely by women. Here, Walsh discusses her decision to go it alone, the need for more women-led creative businesses, 和 why 它’s a great time to be w要么king in design.





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