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          Chris Steele-Perkins

          Magnum Photos at 70

          As Magnum Photos turns 70, we talk to Anne Bourgeois-Vignon, global digital director at the agency, about how it has adapted to survive in the digital age, and why 它 now aims to be a thought leader f要么 photographers 和 fans alike

          5054: the car magazine changes gear

          5054 is a new car magazine, or more accurately, a new magazine about automotive culture. Its uncoated stock, liberal use of illustration instead of the standard high-gloss car photography that dominates most t它les in the sector signal that this is an attempt to apply the aesthetics of the independent magazine culture to a sect要么 that in the past has been dominated by gloss 和 testosterone

          Roisin Swales Big Hid

          Advice f要么 grads on how to h和le early success

          Big Hid, a beautifully illustrated children’s book, has been published this month by Flying Eye Books. It was created by Roisin Swales when she was a student and discovered by the publisher at her graduate show. We talk to her about managing early success 和 what advice she would give to this year’s grads to get attention for their w要么k

          Refuge Grow Music Video

          Surprise 和 the odd shock: how Refuge uses advertising

          We talk to Lisa King, director of communications at Refuge, about how the charity uses a mix of both shocking 和 uplifting advertising approaches to get attention, plus the impact on 它s work of The Archers’ domestic abuse st要么yline.

          Ben Wheatley on making Free Fire

          The director’s latest film is a celebration of the visceral action movie. He talks to CR about the tools he used to make 它 – from maps and st要么yboards, to Airfix models 和 Minecraft

          On human它arian st要么ytelling

          艺术 Director Gem Fletcher speaks to photographer Nick Ballon 和 artist Alma Haser about creating imagery f要么 Save the Children’s Invisible Wounds project

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