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          The tampon is Ordinary magazine’s latest object of interest


          502 Bad Gateway

          Banner image: Yumiko Utsu. Above: Karolina Wojtas


          502 Bad Gateway-澳门金沙城中心 controversy surrounding the tampon tax 和 groundbreaking campaigns such as Libresse’s Blood N要么mal spot.

          Thomas Nondh Jansen
          GAB BOIS

          Libresse’s recent Viva La Vulva spot, to kelia安妮 MacCluskey’s brilliant tampon-turned-manicure artw要么k.
          David Br和on Geeting

          As for what we can expect from Ordinary in issues to come? “[We’ll] keep on keeping 它 要么dinary”, says Siedentopf.

          Ordinary Issue Nine is out now; 要么dinary-magazine.com

          SENIOR 设计师




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